Are you tired of always saying 'yes'?


Discover how to break free from the people-pleasing trap in this 3 day workshop

Overcome People Pleasing

IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER: If you hate yourself for saying ‘yes’ again to that thing you don’t want to do, it’s time to FINALLY kick that people-pleasing habit out!

The only problem? You don’t know how to say ‘No’ without making people angry and feeling like your selfish prick.

Maybe you have tried saying ‘No’ in a nice, indirect way. But…

  • People STILL ask you to ‘help’ them for things they can do themselves (Because you are such a nice, helpful person!)
  • You feel so guilty that you are ashamed to face that person again
  • You are terrified when people explode in anger and refuse to talk to you
  • People badmouth you and call you ‘selfish’ (And make snide remarks about people who don’t ‘put other people’s needs above their own’)
  • You are done with feeling constant pressure and stress of doing things for other people

You want to stop your people-pleasing habit but…

  • You feel lost and don’t know how to do set boundaries without feeling ‘selfish’
  • You can’t differentiate between healthy boundaries and ‘selfish’ boundaries
  • You are scared of losing your friends and your family
  • You don’t know whose advice to follow (Hint: I’m good at this!)

Either way, you are starting to be stressed out, fatigued and burnt out from doing unnecessary tasks for other people and feel guilty whenever you say ‘No’ to them.

You know that if you stop putting other people’s non-urgent needs above your own, you will have more time, more energy and more mental space to live your ideal life every day.

You fantasize of the day when you are so confident, you can say ‘No’ to unwanted requests without explaining yourself.

And the ability to treat your own needs as equally important as other people’s needs? That is a self-worth milestone right there.

Before you say ‘Yes’ again to that pushy person who needs your ‘help’ to do something they can do himself, read this first

What I do differently:

I am Mundey Young, International Life and Business Coach, who helps you achieve empowered change in your life through my tried-and-tested systems.

You will end up with these 5 proven-to-work strategies to STOP your people-pleasing behaviour in my 3 day workshop:

  • Rewriting your deep-seated beliefs and start rewiring your MAIN people-pleasing mindset.
  • Ten powerfully polite-yet-firm ways to say ‘No’ to unreasonable requests and still be on good terms with everyone. (So you save your sanity AND your relationships.)
  • A self-compassionate, easy and almost fun way to reduce your low self-worth even with people you feel MOST intimidated by. (No need to do mental gymnastics to frantically raise your self-esteem everyday)
  • How to shift your ‘Me last’ mindset and get comfortable with self-care without the guilt. (Guilt is the most useless, unhelpful emotion in the world)
  • Pinpoint the exact boundaries you need in your life to put a stop to your pesky boundary problems from happening again and again.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Mundey has an extraordinary intuitive ability to tune into a complex situation, and come up with not only a clear picture of what is really going on, but also with very solid, practical advice on what needs to be done in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Combined with her caring attitude and desire to help others, this makes her stand out as one of the most versatile and accurate helpers you can get, be it for business, relationship, or spiritual development situations.

Adi Andrei - London

Do you really want to feel that sinking feeling again when that pushy friend or family member comes to your office table and asks you for ‘help’ yet again?

Some people are born with a persistent “I-don’t-give-up” bone in their bodies. Good for them. But that doesn’t mean they can misuse their God-given talents on you because you are a kind-hearted person who is too nice to say ‘No’.

Your kind, hearted nature should be celebrated and appreciated, not taken advantage of. You can learn how to start setting some boundaries around these shameless and blatant people and see how they react. Your life will change when you are confident enough to say what you want and don’t want!

“Will this workshop help me if I hate conflict and I don’t want to create enemies?”

Setting boundaries with the right people will not end up in full-blown conflicts. The people who truly care for you will back off when you say ‘No’ to something. They will not try to screw you over or gaslight you. If you refuse something politely, they acknowledge it and life goes on.

You will create stronger and lasting relationships with people who matter when you set clear boundaries. If there is someone who takes advantage of your kindness often, set some boundaries and let him or her get used to them.

If these people continue to manipulate and gaslight you after you set those boundaries, it’s time to drop that relationship like a hot potato.

In my workshop, I will share how to say ‘No’ in a variety of ways which give off very strong hints to people to stop taking advantage of you.

“But I hate it when other people get angry with me for saying ‘No’ because I want everyone to like me.”

You can be the nicest person on the planet, and there will be someone who doesn't like you. Not everyone will like you for suddenly changing from a people-pleaser to a confident person. But this change is good for you. You need to make this positive change for yourself if you want to live a fulfilled and empowered life.

My workshop will gently remind you that prioritising self-love and liking yourself is more important than having people who like you for the wrong reasons. The faster you take action, the sooner your mindset and reality can change.

Having people who like you for the real you is an amazing feeling which not many people experience. You may realise that there are not many people who have your best interests at heart. If you are lucky, you will discover that you are surrounded by genuinely supportive people even after setting reasonable boundaries!

“Will this workshop be a lengthy one? I am busy and I don’t fancy sitting in front of my laptop for hours.”

Many of us have busy lives and short attention spans to boot! That’s why I specifically created this workshop to be a short yet powerful one. I will share 7 mini-exercises to start overcoming your people-pleasing habits, and I can guarantee that you can find one or two exercises which are life-changing for you.

I like my masterclasses to be simple, straightforward, helpful and solve your issues fast.

You can see for yourself how this masterclass can help you.

There are 7 mini-exercises in this masterclass:

  • Mini-lesson 1: How severe or mild are your people-pleasing tendencies?
  • Mini-lesson 2: Rewriting your ‘Shoulds’ beliefs and start rewiring your people-pleasing mindset
  • Mini-lesson 3: Saying ‘No’ politely and prioritising self-love
  • Mini-lesson 4: A self-loving antidote to low self-worth
  • Mini-lesson 5: Prioritising your own self-care without guilt + shifting your ‘Me last’ mindset
  • Mini-lesson 6: Clarifying your needs + identifying the EXACT boundaries you need to reduce people-pleasing
  • Mini-lesson 7: An empowering approach to boundaries and being in control of your life

For full transparency, I cannot promise how long this workshop will be on sale in my shop! If it becomes a hit, I may raise the price or even replace it with a higher-priced program.

Hence, if you have an inkling that this workshop will help you in any way, I suggest that you enrol today and enjoy the journey. I firmly believe that we can never go for too many workshops because there is always something eye-opening to learn in every workshop.

I can guarantee that you will learn a strategy or two which can help you improve your people-pleasing behaviour and stop the frustration and fatigue which come with always putting yourself last.

You can start prioritising your needs and setting healthy boundaries to enjoy richer relationships and a fuller life from now on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The way that Mundey would always manage our talks was already a lesson: assertive, truthful and straightforward. I could always trust her to take a situation that seemed like a huge mess and help me to organize my thoughts and to find actions that would made me progress. Most of all she helped me reach the point where this focus and practical attitude would come from within me. Mundey has always a smile and is never judgmental in her decisions, which made it possible to approach every single subject and find solutions that were adapted for myself. More than a helper Mundey is someone that's able to take feelings and emotional reactions into account without losing the practical side of things. With all those qualities I can honestly say that she makes the perfect coach.

Fernanda Xavier , Paris

Here’s to a new, confident You,

Mundey Young

PS: If you’ve scrolled all the way down to read the summary, here it is! I’m conducting a 60-minute workshop to teach you powerful strategies to start overcoming people-pleasing behaviour.

PPS: I’m not sure how long this workshop will be available on sale as I may replace it with a higher-ticket program or remove it altogether in future if it suits my business. If you feel that this workshop will help you in any small way, you can get it now while it’s still at this bargain price.

PPPS: This workshop is designed to be engaging and full of ‘aha’ moments. I created it to be just 60 minutes long as I know many of us want answers to our problems fast. I make the mini-exercises light yet impactful.